Point of sale

I can’t give you a simple answer to how much it costs to write a single page of copy, edit a six-page document or deliver a workshop. This is because every job is different, as every customer is different.

What I am going to tell you is that I offer competitive rates and that, above all, I provide you with value for money.

Please get in touch to discuss your writing requirements. I’ll be able to give you a formal quote once I understand what you’re aiming to achieve. However, if you’re looking for an idea of cost, here’s some example prices.

A press release – £100-150
A case study – £100-200
A newsletter/brochure – £100-150 per page (depending on copy density)
A website – £100-150 per page (depending on copy density)
Copy advice – £50 per hour
A two-hour tailored workshop – £300-500
A full-day plain English course – £600

I provide all-inclusive quotes for every job. When setting a price, I take account of:

  • the scope and complexity of the job
  • how much research and preparation is needed, and
  • any travel requirements.