The perfect recipe for successful copywriting

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????As a child, when asked ‘”what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always replied the same thing. I want to be a chef.

Whenever Mum gave me the opportunity I would bash about in the kitchen, giving a commentary on my activity that any tv chef would be proud of.

Now a professional copywriter and writing coach, it occurs to me that there are many comparisons between my childhood dream and my current job.

So what qualities do we share?

We are able to:

  • attract an audience and keep them tuned in
  • apply our skills in delicious ways
  • motivate customers to do or feel something
  • turn a mix of ingredients into a work of art
  • demonstrate our skills simply and logically
  • adopt a style to suit the customer, and
  • consistently deliver great results every time, on time.

So although I’ve swapped my wooden spoon for a laptop, and my ingredients are a combination of words, grammar and punctuation, we’re not so different really.

I just like to imagine that I’m more Nigella Lawson than hairy biker!